Thursday, May 21, 2009

"In" love

Have you ever thought about the question what it means to be "in" love?

I was sitting here thinking about the question just a few minutes ago and came up with a thought.

First off, I love many people, but I am not in love with many of them.

Here's what I think it means...

When your in love you're contained by matter where you look (even in the darkest corner you can find) you're still there, you're still contained, you're still in love.

In love means there is no escape hatch (it was sealed years ago). There is no escape. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how close you look, no matter what your feeling in the moment, no matter just doesn't matter...

You are "IN" love.

note: just because you're in love it does not mean there are times you shouldn't get out of the if your being abused or being beaten etc..., but even then...the feelings are hard to escape.

Just thinking

OK...back to my nap...