Thursday, March 13, 2008

It holds in the middle

She DRAMATICALLY changed my life. She added days of time back on to my time here on Earth. Days wasted on a futile act. Because she did two things.

She listened and learned
She passed on the knowledge and the love

Here's the story.

We were at dinner, a bunch of us and her. She overheard a conversation between my buddy Nick and I. She saw where we were weak and stepped in. She heard where we were wrong and risked correcting us. She told us the truth. Now please recognize, we thought we had the truth. We thought we were on solid ground. We thought we were soooo bright. Smarty-pants would be a good word for us. But we were wrong. Again.

Nick and I were talking about......
Yes Eggs.
The best food ever.
But those little white squiggly things.
I thought they were umbilical cords.
I spent minutes of my life...always removing them...searching them down...with a slippery spoon.

She are just a rope of egg white.

Nick believed her...I forgot she said it at all.
Nick tracked it down.
Nick FB her and said she was right.

Holy is just egg whites holding the yolk in the middle. As a matter of fact the more of it there is the fresher the eggs are.


Yes way.

The math here....I probably have eggs on average 5-7 times a month.

I spend about 2 minutes (if you include getting the glass out and then the spoon and then cracking the egg and then fishing it out of the glass and then washing the glass).


2 Minutes * 7 times a month
14 minutes a month * 12 Months in a year
168 minutes a year * 34 years left on Earth (if I die at 72)
5712 minutes over the rest of my life / 60 minutes in a hour
95 hours/ 24 hours in a day
about 4 days.

She saved me 4 days of my life fishing out the squiggles and wasting my time.